Our Story

Welcome to The Financial Advisory Group, your experienced  financial planning partner located in York, PA. For over four decades, we have focused on providing personalized, objective financial guidance based on your best interests, not commissions. Our experienced team of five Certified Financial Planners embraces the uniqueness of each family’s financial journey, crafting bespoke plans that align with your goals, aspirations, and challenges.

Our rich history in York County, from our establishment in 2003 to our commitment to community prosperity through our Donor Advised Fund, speaks volumes about our values. Today, symbolized by our home at Wyntre Brooke, we remain steadfast in our mission: to empower families to navigate their financial landscapes with confidence and clarity. Join us, and experience the stability and long-term relationships that set The Financial Advisory Group apart.

Company Founded

After working together for more than a decade in the industry, Terry Lazarus, Brad Stein, and Diana Mohn founded The Financial Advisory Group to fill the need in York County for an objective advisory firm with a focus on financial planning. After 20 years, the firm has become well-known and respected within the community. Our advisors help families from all walks of life discover their goals, and work together to make them a reality.

Terry Lazarus retires from the business

One of three original partners, Terry Lazarus retires from the business. Damien Lynch becomes a partner after 10 years with the Firm. Damien first joined the firm in 2000 after interning during his time at York College

The Financial Advisory Group settles into current building in Wyntre Brooke

The Financial Advisory group moved into its current office, at Wyntre Brooke. Unlike the industry norm of renting, this building was a proud purchase of the firm. Because of that, we adopted a sketch of it as our logo.

Opened a Donor Advised Fund with York County

As of early 2023, we’ve reached over $100,000 in our fund. Opened a Donor Advised Fund with York County Community Foundation to support promote community prosperity.

Diana Mohn retires after 37 years in the industry

Diana Mohn retired after being with the firm for 20 years. Her successor, Mary Winand stepped in as the third partner and has been with the firm since 2016.