Planning Services

We offer a dynamic approach, steering clear from the beaten path most advisory firms tread. Unlike traditional wealth management services that tie advice to the possession of assets, we hold firm to a distinct philosophy. We offer flat-fee financial planning because quality advice should be accessible and affordable, regardless of your asset size. This approach enables us to focus on what truly matters: delivering comprehensive, tailored strategies that fit your financial goals. Our commitment is to help you navigate your financial journey with confidence and clarity, every step of the way. Embrace a different kind of financial planning, one where your needs come first.

Explore our three-tiered, flat-fee financial planning services, each designed with distinct financial stages in mind.

Comprehensive Plan

Starting at $3,500*

This all-encompassing 12-month retainer addresses all eight areas of financial planning as per the Certified Financial Planner Board standards. It’s perfect for families juggling multiple financial priorities and seeking to get their finances in order. Let us help you secure a prosperous and stress-free future for you and your loved ones.

Retirement Plan

Starting at $2,500*

For those nearing retirement, our 12-month retainer is a valuable roadmap. This service focuses on your retirement goals and takes the worry out of your golden years. With strategic planning, we will help to ensure a comfortable and well-deserved retirement.

Annual Renewal

Starting at $500*

Your financial journey doesn’t end after the first year. We offer an annual renewal fee for continued services, ensuring your financial plan stays on track. This fee includes three hours of consultation over the subsequent year, charged annually until services are no longer required or until we transition to an assets undermanagement model. We’re with you every step of the way, adapting and updating your plan as your financial landscape evolves.

Additional Hourly Fees:

Every journey may require extra guidance. For more detailed or complex needs, we offer additional consulting services at competitive rates. Our Certified Financial Planners are available at a rate of $200 per hour, while our dedicated staff can assist you at $100 per hour. We are committed to providing you with exceptional value and high-quality advice, personalized to your unique circumstances.

*Fee Disclaimer: Please note, the stated fees are subject to the complexity of your individual situation. Any adjustments will be discussed transparently with you prior to the commencement of services.